Korean-born, Australian-raised Gina Kim was a professional pianist before she turned her finely tuned fingers to the art of fashion, a move that has garnered her more than one design ovation and propelled her to international heights.

Gina Kim moved to Brisbane from Seoul as a 16-year-old prodigy to train as classical pianist at Queensland Conservatorium of Music, but everything changed with what proved to be an excellent turn of events for her; a decision to pursue her true dream and passion: fashion design! 

She studied the ins and outs of fashion at Moreton Institute of TAFE in 2001. And right after graduation, she set about building a relationship with Milton outlet Virzi Moda and put an entry in the RAQ. To everyone’s surprise, the very young, ambitious designer won the Westfield RAQ Australian Fashion Supreme Award with her first nomination. The name that was little known shortly before was now on everyone’s lips in the fashion industry. 

The dress design that won her the RAQ award was inspired by the seaside view from the aeroplane while she was travelling to Italy. 


Winning the award cemented her decision to stick with fashion, and her fashion career skyrocketed beyond the Australian borders. After opening her atelier and first flagship store in Brisbane, she turned her attention to overseas markets and was received with unprecedented accolades and welcome. 

The Australian couture designer’s collections were showcased in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, LA, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Seoul Fashion Weeks and Showrooms and received worldwide media coverage. Gina Kim’s range of designer fashion wear were also stocked up in several boutiques in New York, Texas, LA, Chicago, Dubai, Seoul and other cities across the world. 

One of the many highlights of her career was when Gina Kim dressed Miss Australia Sarah Davies for Miss World in 2004. She designed 30 garments for Sarah as she needed an outfit for every occasion during her three-week presence in China. 

Throughout the years, many celebrities have worn Gina Kim’s one-off, made-to-order and ready-to-wear dresses and endorsed the label on more than one occasion. 

Now, after a long break from the fashion industry, Gina Kim is back with her one-of-a-kind dresses and gowns. She made her strong, long-anticipated comeback with the RE:CONNECT collection.